Trudeau wants to find those responsible for a fire in a mosque

policiers-peterborough-ontario-enquetent-incendieThe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured Canadian Muslims on Monday that the federal government would work hard to find the perpetrators of arson occurred at an Ontario mosque following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a statement, Mr. Trudeau said he was “deeply troubled” by the incidents of the weekend which are now considered a hate crime by the Peterborough police.

The attacks last week in Paris that killed at least 129 deaths have shocked the peaceful people of all countries of the world, Mr. Trudeau said, adding that it was important for Canadians’ understanding that Muslims worldwide are also persecuted regularly by these violent extremists. ”

“We are all united against this situation,” he said.

“To the families who will pray at the mosque every week, the Government of Canada and our security forces will protect your rights and will do everything possible to stop any perpetrator of this crime.”

The Director General of the National Council of Canadian Muslims is concerned that the Muslim community could be targeted by hate crimes.

According Ihsaan Gardee when such tragedies occur, and that Muslims are well presented negatively in the media, these incidents are skyrocketing.

In an interview with The Canadian Press Sunday, Mr. Gardee acknowledged that he could not draw a causal link between the two factors, but noted that he certainly seemed to be a correlation.

Police Chief Murray Rodd said that injury to an ethnic community was “for all” injury.

Neighbors visited the ruins of the mosque on Monday to show their support and offer donations to help with the reconstruction of the building. The fire caused damage estimated at $ 80,000.

An anonymous donor has pledged up to $ 10,000 reward to anyone who would provide clues leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

However, the authorities do not want to make a link between the fire and Friday’s attacks in the French capital.

Several police forces across the country have already contacted the Muslim communities in the wake of the attacks, as Ihsaan Gardee.

“The police have taken the initiative and have joined various communities across the country to let them know they were aware of their concerns about the possible impact and that they should not hesitate to contact them,” he Explain.

The armed Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris. The police say the attackers are divided into three teams that have raged simultaneously with their jackets with the same weapons and explosives.

The Muslim Association of Canada, which describes itself as one of the largest Muslim organizations in the country, also submitted a statement Sunday in reaction to the Peterborough incident, calling for “tolerance and understanding between communities in Canada”.

The statement denounces the attacks Friday, calling them “crimes against humanity”. “In difficult times like these, there are often isolated incidents committed by individuals who try to exploit of world events and divide Canadians,” adds the association.

“As Canadians, we will continue to build on our shared values, reject violence and send a clear message to those groups that are trying to divide us,” she concludes.

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