Trudeau would say that Trump is a “fascist,” says Mulcair

donald-trumpThe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should publicly acknowledge that the candidate for the Republican nomination Donald Trump is a “fascist,” says NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair.

According to the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), do not be afraid of the words: the real estate tycoon has proved he is a “fascist” in taking repeated xenophobic.

And it is high time that Justin Trudeau continues to beat around the bush when asked to say what they think of Donald Trump, pleaded Thomas Mulcair in a video shared by his party.

Canadian Prime Minister again refused to criticize Donald Trump on Thursday during his visit to Washington, reiterating that he trusted the American voters.

The contender for the Republican candidate for the US presidency multiplies inflammatory statements since he embarked on the race.

Donald Trump among other proposed banning Muslims from entering the country, and he campaigned on a promise to erect a wall between Mexico and the United States.

The video in which Thomas Mulcair takes these remarks was shot last week. It was first published on the site Buzzfeed. The NDP was then provided to The Canadian Press.

Thomas Mulcair has said the controversial billionaire should be inadmissible to Canada because of his hate speech.

“It is perfectly acceptable to limit access from one country to someone who is trying to spread hatred,” he pleaded in December.

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