Trump asks his rival Bush to stop speaking Spanish

donald-trump-jeb-bush-lorsThe billionaire and the first polls of the republican primaries Donald Trump has criticized on Wednesday by his rival Jeb Bush because he spoke publicly Spanish, the native language of his wife.

“I like Jeb,” said Donald Trump in an interview with the site information conservative Breitbart. “He’s a nice guy. But he really should give the example by speaking English when it is in the United States”.

The picnic comes after several days of verbal sparring distance between the two men. The first stunned America in relegating the heir to the Bush at the bottom of the podium in the polls since his entry into the race of the primary in June.

Jeb Bush was accused earlier this week Donald Trump of not being a true conservative, in English but also in Spanish, as it often does with hispanic media. His campaign team has developed a web site summarizing several positions old Donald Trump, who said pro-abortion or in favour of a framework for the sales of firearms.

In a video, the Bush team is also fun to dig up videos where Donald Trump described himself as a democrat, is calling for an increase in taxes or a nationalization of the health insurance system, the number of proposals anathema to the american right.

Gradually, after you have wagered on moderation, Jeb Bush has stepped up its attacks against Donald Trump. The two candidates clashed most sharply on immigration: for Jeb Bush, the United States must provide some form of regularization to most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. Donald Trump has called for all of them, in order not to accept the return of the “good” people.

The topic touched a chord for Jeb Bush, who met his wife, Columba in Mexico when he was a high school student. It has since been naturalized, but the couple speaks more Spanish than English in the home.

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