Trump plays appeasement in a surprisingly serious debate

debat-jeudi-soir-oppose-candidatsThe four Republican candidates for the White House let insults at the door during an unusual debate Friday, restricting himself to remain in the background of such serious topics as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the pension reform.

In this peaceful environment, the Florida Senator Marco Rubio was able to make the qualities that had earned him his initial ascent, before he fell into favor in recent weeks: a clear knowledge of the issues associated with any telegenic eloquence. He needs a feat during the primary in Florida on Tuesday, a deadline shaped chopper to his candidacy breathless.

Donald Trump had promised to behave well and kept his word, apparently eager to project a presidential image. He did not interrupt his rivals for the evening and discussed calmly, in a calm voice and almost low, even neglecting to respond to some attacks.

“I do not believe it, it’s all very civil,” is he exclaimed, falsely impressed. “Be smart and united,” he has also said in conclusion of the two-hour debate in Miami, broadcast on CNN.

The favorite in the polls appealed to Republicans worried about his personality and his clivante inflammatory language, while primary next Tuesday, in five major states could seal his triumph.

“We are all in the same boat,” he pleaded. “We will find solutions, we will find answers.”

This does not mean that his opponents have you their criticism against the billionaire. When Donald Trump reiterated that Islam hated the United States – not necessarily the 1.6 billion Muslims but “many of them,” he insisted – Marco Rubio scolded the candidate, that hammering the US president could not say anything that comes into his head.

“You can be politically correct if you want, I want to solve problems,” said Donald Trump.

“Being politically correct does not interest me. What interests me is to be correct, “objected Marco Rubio.

No fight

Whatever the subject, the shadow of the businessman flying over trade. Face his Blurred on the reform of public pension and health programs, Marco Rubio told him that “the account was not there.”

His opponents accused him of having promised to be “neutral” to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, or not to commit to immediately cancel the nuclear deal with Iran. His last statement he would target the families of terrorist suspects was unanimously against it.

“Of course not, we never target innocent civilians, we are not going to start now,” said Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, second primary.

“His answer is always, ah, if someone was smart government, everything would be better,” he also said.

But Donald Trump played appeasement throughout the evening, while the latter had turned emissions pugilism.

He seemed to regret the incidents of violence in his rallies against demonstrators. Revived several times, however, he could not resist letting go, “they are really dangerous, they beat people.” He has criticized Ted Cruz’s “dishonesty”, but unlike usual, he has not a liar, and he did not attempt to humiliate the one he likes to call “the little Marco “.

The conversation finally rolled on the nomination and the rare scenario where none of the four candidates arrive at the July inaugural convention in Cleveland, without an absolute majority of delegates required or 1237. In this case, several towers voting would be organized, allowing delegates committed to a candidate to refer to another according to their personal preferences, even those of the party establishment.

The governor of Ohio, John Kasich, good primary last playing its survival on Tuesday rejected the proposal that the candidate coming first is automatically invested.

But the idea that the Republican nomination escapes having received the delegates is rejected by many Republicans who fear a scandal, starting with Donald Trump.

“Above all, I think I will have delegates, okay? ” he said. “But if no delegates (…) the one that comes first should prevail.”

Carson will rally to Trump

Earlier in the evening, Donald Trump announced that the neurosurgeon Ben Carson retired, ex-candidate primary, would rally to him, a few days of a great day of primaries.

“I was with Dr. Ben Carson today, who rallied to me, in fact, tomorrow morning,” said Donald Trump during a debate. A candidate’s press conference is scheduled for Friday morning at Palm Beach.

Ben Carson had retired last week of the nomination contest after a series of poor results. He was courted by the remaining candidates.

His support is expected to boost the odds of Donald Trump among conservatives, the doctor who experienced some popularity last fall with evangelical voters and those looking for a candidate “off-system”.

The doctor, one of the Black race, was second Republican polls from September to early December, behind Donald Trump, even overtaking it in some surveys.

Like him, Benjamin Carson, 64, has never held political office.

The news of his imminent rally had been reported by several US media that day.

“I think seriously” for Donald, said Ben Carson himself earlier Thursday on Fox News Radio. “There are two Donald Trump,” he said. “One is a specialist in entertainment, the other is actually a individual who thinks.”

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