Tunnel Quebec-Levis: the MTQ has commissioned a comprehensive feasibility study

ministere-transports-quebec-mtq-attelle(Quebec) The ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) strives to be a comprehensive feasibility study on a possible tunnel Québec-Lévis. In addition to the geological conditions at the tip of the island of Orleans, the sub-contractor chosen must define the criteria for the design of the work and estimate the costs of construction, operation and maintenance over 100 years.

Minister Robert Poëti revealed Wednesday that they have signed an agreement with a professor of the University of Montreal to take a decision on the fault of Logan, and determines whether the geological deformation may affect the construction of a tunnel under a river -. He was talking about a first step towards the feasibility study promised in the election campaign.

The Sun has requested and received a copy of the estimate of professional services prepared by engineers of the MTQ. It appears that the mandate is much broader than advertised.

“The services of the contractor are selected for a study of technical feasibility and costs relating to the link road underpass connecting the North Shore of the St. Lawrence river to the South Shore, passing under the west end of the tip of the island of Orleans. The tunnel will connect the east end of the city of Quebec [via highway 40] to the east end of the city of Lévis [via the heat exchanger Lallemand],” one can read. The design must allow the transport of hazardous materials.

The detailed description states that the researcher should conduct a review of the literature, to establish the “geological conditions and geotechnical”, develop criteria for design of the tunnel according to the standards of today, to offer a “cup type” (plans, summary) and provide an “estimate of the costs of construction, operation and maintenance of the tunnel for a period of 100 years”.

All this for 105 000 $. The estimates that were up to now, based on a comparison with the feasibility study for the tram, revolved more around $ 5 million.

Guillaume Paradis, spokesman for the MTQ, explains that the sub-contractor chosen, Bruno Massicotte, professor, Department of civil, geological and mining at the University of Montreal, is already working on the folder of the new bridge to the island of Orleans. So there are “economies of scale” anticipated, since the researcher already has in its possession information on the project and the sector.

Mr. Paradise pointed out that the contract has been granted otc.

Mr. Massicotte was, therefore, necessarily agree with the terms and conditions negotiated.

The MTQ will put his hand in the dough. The costs of connection to the provincial highway network and construction of waiting areas, also referred to as “buffers”, will be calculated internally. The list price of the MTQ for the materials and labor will also be made available to the researcher.

The schedule included in the specifications provides that the final report be filed no later than the end of January. The minister Poëti had referred to the spring earlier this week.

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Yesterday, the deputy caquiste of Lévis, François Paradis, suspected the liberal government down by ordering a first study he considered to be very partial on the feasibility of a third link between Quebec city and Lévis. “I welcome the fact that there is a study, but it is a leader, this is a beginning, not much unfortunately,” he launched the Sun before knowing the latest developments.

Mr. Paradise said that they do talk about “daily” congestion on the bridges and the loss of productivity arising from it. He believes that it is necessary to seriously evaluate the possibility of adding a link between the two shores. “It is necessary to analyze all avenues, not spend it right away, but have the global picture”, hammered the representative of the opposition. The Coalition avenir Québec was the first political party to make a promise during the last provincial election campaign.

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