Turcotte trial: the chronology of events is essential, argues defense

guy-turcotte-accuse-meurtres-premeditesMr. Pierre Poupart has already said, but he repeated once more on Tuesday morning, the fifth day of oral argument. “There is no objective evidence that the children of Guy Turcotte died before the end of the phone he had with his mother on the evening of February 20, 2009. And at that time he had consumed a certain amount of methanol. “

Besides this recall, Guy Turcotte’s lawyer began to read the testimony of the psychiatrists who treated and evaluated his client. “It’s long, longitudinally long, but essential,” he has argued the lawyer, adding that he would not sit down and regret having forgotten to talk about things.

“It’s long, forgive my long, but we decided the life of a human being,” he began, gravely.

“I’ll ask you not to make that kind of comment and argue the evidence”, reacted strongly Justice André Vincent.

“It’s illegal,” added Mr. Poupart?

“Yes,” ruled the judge, stating that he left plenty of time for oral argument, and he did not explain the reasons of its length to the jury.

Mr. Poupart has taken testimony from the psychiatrist Dominique Bourget, who concluded that Mr. Turcotte was thinking more rationally when he killed his children. “He was out of touch with reality.”

“The his actions toward his children are the product of a deeply diseased brain,” insisted Mr. Poupart. He also recalled that Dr. Bourget had said it was difficult to rationalize what is not.

Guy Turcotte is accused of the premeditated murder of his two children, stabbed dead on February 20, 2009. The accused admits gestures, but presented a defense of not criminally responsible. After Mr. Poupart, it was the turn of Mr. René Verret, of the Crown to plead. The exercise continues.

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