Turcotte trial: the jury wants to hear again the testimony of a psychiatrist

guy-turcotte(St. Jerome) The jury responsible for judging Guy Turcotte asked rehear the testimony of the psychiatrist Pierre Bleau, this afternoon, which was granted. Bleau Dr. Guy Turcotte has not evaluated, but it was he who described the adjustment disorder as “the cold of psychiatry”, the “cramp marathon runner in a more severe slope.”

Dr. Bleau testified against evidence-Crown, on November 10 last for about 2 hours 30. He was there to speak of adjustment disorder. It is appropriate that this disorder brings suffering that can be important, but ensures that it does not lose touch with reality. Otherwise, it would be a psychosis.

All psychiatrists claim that Mr. Turcotte was suffering from an adjustment disorder with depressed mood, when he killed his children, 20 February 2009.

The jury is in its third day of deliberations to decide the fate of Mr. Turcotte. Whatever the outcome, Mr. Turcotte will not come free from the courtroom after the verdict.

If it is found not criminally responsible, it will be sent to the Philippe Pinel Institute. If convicted of first-degree murder, it automatically gets life in prison without possibility of parole for 25 years.

If convicted of second degree murder, he also gets to life imprisonment with a mandatory detention period, which is set by the judge. This period can vary between 10 years (mandatory minimum) and 25 years.

If he is convicted of manslaughter: there is no minimum sentence, but it can go up to life imprisonment.

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