Turning home: two years less a day for a secondary role

1172972Edwin Efren Arboleda will spend the next two years in detention for his involvement in a home robbery case. Arborleda, who has been detained since mid-October 2015, pleaded guilty Monday to the courthouse in Sherbrooke with charges of burglary, robbery and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The individual was involved in a home robbery case in which Luis Arboleda Alex Solis and Mauricio Solis Viveros-would also be involved. Records of these two defendants will return to court on 11 May.

This break and enter incident occurred about 1 am 10 October 12, 2015 in a housing 1060 Federal Street to Sherbrooke to burgle the home of a young couple.

The man, aged 19, and his wife of 17 years would have been beaten by the three suspects before one of them cut the young man’s arm with a knife.

Edwin Efren Arboleda would have played the least important role in the events.

Lawyers in Me Régis Juneau-Drolet record for the Crown and Me Melissa Gilbert in defense have presented a joint submission to the judge Chapdelaine.

It sentenced the accused to a sentence of two years less a day in prison with two years probation.

The accused will then meet a series of conditions, including those not contact the victims or be within 100 meters of their home.

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