Twenty years after his death, the cult of Pablo Escobar in Medellin remains

pas-moins-6600-maisonnettes-coloreesMore than 20 years after his death, the capo Pablo Escobar of the drug is the subject of a cult following in Medellin, despite all the “evil he did to Colombia.”

In the shade of trees in the cemetery of Itagui, away, stands a burial gray tombstones placed on the vast lawn overlooking Medellin, city where Escobar had made his HQ and he fired and sword.

There, in black and white sober slate chippings, rests one who was one of the most feared men in Colombia and richer, so much to offer to pay the country’s public debt in exchange for its tranquility.

Born on 1 December 1949, Pablo Escobar dropped a 2 and was buried a 3, 1993. Every year during these three days, visitors are more numerous on the grave of Baron cocaine.

Of all ages, from all countries, they come from Peru, even the far Kurdistan, tourists, others fervent neighbors. “Pablo Escobar was a god. Although he has done much harm to Colombia. It was a complex character, capable of love and hate with the same force, “said AFP Jorge Londoño, 28.

He lives far away, in a poor neighborhood, but he wanted to be there, dressed in his finest camouflage pants kind.

Family vault for “the boss”

The day before, Luz Maria, sister of Escobar, filed a bouquet on the stele are simply engraved the name of his brother and his dates of birth and death. The family capo rests with his parents Hermilda and Abel, his brother Luis Fernando, her nurse Teresa and his body guard Alvaro fell with him under the police bullets.

“It was the boss!” Smiles Pajon Veronica, 30, a fashion designer. John Fredy Gil, priest, believes that “forgiveness is fundamental to heal the wounds of the past”.

Ivan Hernandez, he will go to the cemetery on Thursday. For now, at the other end of town, it sits in his rocking chair, a flight of steps to a huge mural: “Welcome to the Pablo Escobar neighborhood.”

Surrounded by two stencils capo of the face and under the protection of a statue of the Child Jesus, she proclaims “Here you breathe in peace!”. Screwed straw hat, don Ivan, 66, is a notable of this district, built 30 years ago by the drug trafficker for the destitute of the discharge Moravia.

“One day Pablo Escobar did call us and told us:” This area is bright What the community houses are for the women because if men go, they will have a place to climb. their children, ‘”he says.

A neighborhood with his name right in Medellín

There was no water or electricity where the ragpickers Moravia settled, one day at dawn to forestall the bulldozers of the municipality intended to destroy this symbol of the power of Escobar.

Today, no fewer than 6600 colorful cottages rise in tiers on the hill, crossed endless rough concrete stairs.

Irene Gaviria, 88, worships to that with which she had one day a decent roof over their head. “It was very good for us,” she said, going out with two portraits of emotion Escobar a wooden box where she keeps some family photos.

Many tourists spend here, some led by “Carrieton”, one of the trusted men of the leader of the Cartel of Medellín.

“I could not help but continue with the boss,” he said while declining to give his real name. “The boss” does not, however unanimously in the neighborhood. “For me, it is a symbol of evil. He killed so many people, “protested Holeunin Diego, 31. This mechanic was glad not unless his studio in front of the fresco. “This brings me more people,” he laughs.

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