Twitter will require more publicity to users

1058795Having long repeated that his audience was wider than its number of official users, Twitter will start monetizing the serving ads to all users who view the contents of its network even without signing.

The US microblogs site announced Thursday “a test to enable advertisers to reach over 500 million people visit Twitter every month to stay in the current news without connecting”, in a message on his blog official.

Much of the content published on Twitter are public, that is to say, a person who has not created a profile on the network can still view them. This is for example the case when you’re on the Twitter site after clicking on a tweet appeared in the results of Google search engine.

These users will now also start seeing them messages or videos sponsored by advertisers, as is already the case for registered users of Twitter.

The test will focus initially on campaigns pushing to click on a website or watch a video and deployment will be gradual, with initially “selected advertisers” in the US, UK, Japan and Australia Twitter details.

The news delighted the investors NYSE: action Twitter gained 6.35% to 25.85 dollars to 13 h. “Tweets are already seen off site, so monetize that traffic makes perfect sense,” says Lou Kerner, a partner at VC Flight and specialist in social networks.

This is “the first time they do a large scale,” and it is “a smart decision,” he says.

Need for “fundamental change”

Even with the jump recorded Thursday, the action Twitter remains under the price of 26 dollars which it had entered Wall Street in early November 2013. After starting out with a bang, investor enthusiasm was quickly fell, replaced by concerns its growth prospects.

The official number of users, in particular, stalled: the end of September were 320 million, only 4 million more than three months earlier.

If Twitter has become a must for artists, athletes, politicians and media professionals, he acknowledged this summer that its products were too complicated to attract the general public, without which its users can not really off.

Simplify the services is also one of the priorities set by the owner-founder Jack Dorsey, recently returned to commands.

Jack Dorsey was also repeated in late October in the margins of the quarterly results, there was, in addition to the users who created a personal account, “more than 500 million people” accessing the content of Twitter without being registered, and more a billion visits per month to external websites incorporating son of “tweets”.

Serve ads to these indirect users “can have a positive effect on income at the margin” said Lou Kerner, while judging difficult to assess at this stage how the impact of Thursday’s announcement will be.

“But in the end it does not address their central problem, which is user engagement,” he warns: Twitter must “find how to have people come and stay longer”, which requires according to him “a fundamental change” may discourage existing users.

The network is experimenting for example on reorganization of the message flow as seen by its users based on their relevance, and by overcoming the chronological flow in real time who made his trademark. This would bring the Facebook competitor, but arouses the opposition of conscious users to have information in real time.

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