Two accidents in the space of one hour in Saint-Georges

accident-de-motocyclette-centre-hospitalier-de-saint-georges-blesse-mineur-accidentAn accident involving two cars caused injury to a person 14 to 35 am at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 21st Street in the west end of St. George.
According to a witness, the driver of the gray car coming down 21st Street, would not have made his mandatory stop before impacting the driver’s side of the other vehicle.
This had to be taken to St George’s Hospital Center in order to treat minor injuries.
Motorcycle accident
Earlier, around 13 h 35, a man of 40 lost control of his motorcycle while attempting to avoid a vehicle on Lacroix Boulevard, near the St-Hubert. The latter has plummeted, which caused damage to a shoulder and a leg.
The paramedics transported him to St. George Hospital so he could get the necessary care.

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