Two brothers in the upper echelons of international mathematics

sebastien-jean-philippe-labbe(Lac-Megantic) exceptional course that of two brothers from Lac-Megantic, Jean-Philippe and Sebastien Labbe, that stand in the upper echelons of international math. Both are graduates of the Center college of Lac-Mégantic (CECLM), where they discovered a real passion for mathematics.

They also make a tribute to their teacher CECLM Mario Doyon, which greatly motivated them to find the beauty of a mathematical problem and the satisfaction to discover the solution. “He kept our pleasure to do math and convinced us that a career in the field was possible,” says Jean-Philippe Labbé.

This completed a degree in mathematics at Laval University, who led him to follow two sessions in Budapest and Moscow. Then after his Masters at UQAM, his doctoral thesis was defended at the Free University of Berlin. A chance meeting with a teacher in Japan earned him a job as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Jerusalem. He delivered many lectures in the United States, Korea and Japan, in addition to attending seminars in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain. “Borders do not exist in mathematics. We can work with people from all over, “said the young man, who speaks fluent French, English, German and Russian and mastery is doing Spanish and Hebrew.

Sebastian also has an impressive career: BA in math at the University of Sherbrooke, with study session in Moscow and international cooperation internship in Mali, MA at UQAM, PhD at UQAM and Université Montpellier in France, in addition to postdoctoral studies in computer science and mathematics at the universities of Paris Diderot and Liège in Belgium. In CECLM he headed in mechanical engineering, but mathematics has managed to restrain him, thanks also to Professor Doyon.

Like his brother, he also lectured in his case in France, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy and the United States. His second passion, ultimate frisbee, did participate in 150 tournaments, the creation of the Quebec Federation of ultimate, of which he was president. Member of the Canadian championship team in 2009, he participated in two World Championships.

“In addition to their courses, they have participated in mathematics competitions where they finished in the first. Very awake, they had never quite math. Ease for language study does not surprise me, because mathematics is also a particular language! “Entrusted Professor Mario Doyon.

In a recent scientific article they co-authored, they developed a subject that may be beyond the reach of Mr. Tout-le-Monde, regarding possible “generalization of a theorem of Perron (1907) at about the eigenvalues ​​of matrices with positive coefficients … “, but that may be useful for mathematicians who want to solve other problems.

“The links we explore between Coxeter groups and the theory of dynamical systems still allow to create beautiful images that are available on my website,” says Jean-Philippe Labbé, on a lighter note.

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