Two journalists killed in direct Virginia

tireur-presume-vester-l-flanaganA man coldly shot two journalists live Wednesday from a US local television station filmed the scene and then spread it on social networks.

The killer died in the early afternoon to a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted.

Former colleague journalists, he justified his actions in a long rambling manifesto sent to the ABC, saying they had experienced discrimination because he was black and gay.

This unprecedented tragedy in the United States has not only revived the eternal debate about firearms, but also on the role of the Internet, which gives access to the horror, without any filter.

Reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, of WDBJ7 chain, were shot while interviewing a woman outdoor near Roanoke, Virginia, about 385 km from the capital Washington .

On the first images broadcast live by the chain, one sees the journalist shouting when shots are heard. Then the camera falls to the ground, resounding gunshots yet. The camera films the legs of the shooter. A freeze frame shows, pointing the gun towards the ground. We do not see blood.

On set, the presenter of the program reacts with amazement face images.

As a video game

Chased by the police all morning, the shooter was eventually found shot in his vehicle after exiting road. He died in the early afternoon at the hospital.

Identified as Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, who also worked under the name Bryce Williams, he not only committed the murder live but also filmed himself the scene it aired videos on its Twitter accounts Facebook.

On one of them, seen behind the camera brandishing a gun to the journalist, smiling, made the interview. The killer then briefly lowered his camera and his mobile phone to the ground, before firing eight times toward the reporter who tries to flee.

The scene is inevitably reminiscent of a video game.

On his Twitter account @ bryce-williams7, the killer accused his former colleague Alison Parker of having “made racist”.

In a manifesto to the rambling, the man said to have “suffered from discrimination, sexual harassment and hazing at work”. He “says he was attacked for being black and gay man,” according to ABC, which received the fax “about two hours” after the shooting.

“What made me crack is killing the church,” he wrote in reference to the killing of nine black parishioners in June in a church in south-eastern United States, killed by a supporter of white supremacy.

The management of WDBJ7 rejected the accusations and says he fired in 2013 after bouts of violence.

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