Two men arrested for theft from vehicles

policiers-procede-operation-surveillance-20The number of thefts from vehicles is increasing in the Gatineau sector. The Police Department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG) has arrested two individuals caught on 20 July.

The SPVG recorded a resurgence of this type of offense in the area bounded by the St. Rene Boulevard West and streets Brébeuf, Hillcrest and Main, in recent weeks.

In the majority of cases, the door unlocked vehicles are involved.

The police conducted a surveillance operation on July 20. Around 4 am, two men were arrested while they were flying in a car.

During the investigation, the stolen items have been recovered and police are still looking for their owners.

To prevent theft from a vehicle, the SPVG recalls that it is important to lock the doors and park in a well lit area. In addition, an alarm system is highly recommended and you should not leave valuables or money in the view of the back or front seat.

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