Uber could be an issue in the presidential campaign

jeb-bush-fait-appel-uber(New York) Jeb Bush loves unconditionally. Hillary Clinton dedicates him a certain admiration, but refuses to overlook its flaws. Their opinion on the subject could mark the 2016 presidential election What is it about? On Uber, commercial carpool service.

Having provoked strong controversy wherever he landed, Uber arose last week in the race for the White House, proving again its ubiquity and influence as an economic model.

And by Election Day, it may end up also serve as a political symbol. Tell me what you think of Uber and I will tell you who you voteras …

He returned to Hillary Clinton to invite Uber in the debate. Last Monday, when the first major economic speech of his campaign, the Democratic candidate spoke about the problems of the economy at the request and promised to “take action against employers who exploit their workers by falsely classifying them as self-employed or even stealing their wages. ”

“Many Americans are receiving extra income by renting a small room, creating websites, selling products they create themselves at home or even while driving their own car,” said Hillary Clinton in his speech, delivered at the New School, a progressive New York University. “This economy on demand, or so-called” gig economy “[Economics odd jobs], creates exciting opportunities and fosters innovation. But it also raises difficult questions about the protection of workers and what will look like a good job in the future. ”

Clinton does not name Uber

In her speech, Clinton did not pronounce the name of Uber or other economic giants on demand (their supporters prefer the term “collaborative economy”). But American media all interpreted his speech as an attack against the transportation company by private cars whose practice of considering its drivers as independent workers are particularly challenged in California courts, where she was born in 2009.

Uber has indeed had to appeal a recent ruling by the California commission’s work, which gave a driver the status of employee and not an independent. The company also faces in the same State to a collective action to force it to consider its drivers as employees. If Uber lost one of these causes, it could be obliged to grant social rights to all its drivers, which would jeopardize his famous model.

Republican replica

After the speech of Hillary Clinton, the Republican candidates were quick to come to the defense of Uber and criticizing the Democrat. “Services like Uber, Lyft AirBnB and stimulate our economy and help to bring prices down. How bad, Hillary Clinton? “, Wrote on Twitter Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, which boasts of being a regular Uber.

Jeb Bush, who uses Uber last Thursday during a visit to San Francisco, for his part accused Hillary Clinton to advocate “outdated proposals” whose effect is to protect “the special interests who want to stifle American ingenuity and industry of XXI century as Uber create jobs. ”

Long before Hillary Clinton’s speech, Republican candidates had even placed Uber central to their campaign. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is particularly much of its support carpooling service in its fight against the tough traditional taxi industry in Miami. And Ted Cruz, his colleague from Texas, cited the Uber model to describe the nature of its political action. “I want to shake up politics as Uber and Lyft jostle taxi commissions in all the cities where they land,” he said in February.

But the political debate Uber can not be reduced to partisan allegiances. David Plouffe, former strategist and campaign manager for Barack Obama, today is the senior advisor to the company and his boss, Travis Kalanick. Any libertarian it is, it is in turn one of the greatest defenders of Obamacare, reform of the health system despised by opponents of the Democratic president.

It would take perhaps also mention this support Republican voters or candidates to start to denounce Uber …

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