UberX: Couillard concerned taxi drivers

presse-jeunes-liberaux-reunis-congres(Quebec) Abdallah Homsy was awakened in the night from Saturday to Sunday by many colleagues concerned about the remarks made by Prime Minister Philippe Couillard on Saturday about UberX. The spokesman for the Coalition of intermediaries taxi Quebec (RITQ), scalded, requires clarification on the position of head of government, who said he was open to frame this controversial service.

Pressed by his Liberal youth congress in Shawinigan weekend, Philippe Couillard has opened the door to a coaching UberX Saturday. “It’s a good idea,” he has said about the “sharing economy.” But “it has to be framed so that it creates a climate of competition that is correct with respect to other drivers […], that is fair to all participants. I think we are interested, that our minister is interested in watching it. ”

The Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti, nevertheless recently reiterated qu’UberX was a form of “illegal movement”. Yet on Saturday he proved cautious on a potential inclusion of service in the Quebec economy. If he had to change course, it would be almost a 180 degrees.

The remarks of the Prime Minister raised an outcry in the entourage of RITQ, which represents 1,200 drivers in the region of Quebec. His spokesman, Abdullah Homsy – who is also the president of Taxi Coop – was awakened by calls overnight.

Taxi drivers, all opposed UberX, unanimously proposed him to come out to express their ras-le-bol. “Everyone called me and told me that we had to sort.” An idea that does not please him, since always favors dialogue. “All my life, I tried to avoid demonstrations.”

Still, Mr. Homsy also seemed irritated by the contradictions of the Liberals. “How these positions [those of Philippe Couillard] are they reconciled with those of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Robert Poëti? How is it to say that the minister agrees to coach Uber, as he has always said the opposite? “He was asked.

Another question: Philippe Couillard he wanted to talk to UberTaxi or UberX? The difference between the two services, both united under the banner Uber is major, said the representative of RITQ.

As its name says, is for UberTaxi taxi drivers, who may subscribe for and connect directly with users. Rates for the users are the same as those used in the industry.

UberX rather based on a model where every citizen, even without training in passenger transport, can use its passenger vehicle and perform accompaniments. The prices are lower than for UberTaxi. A kind of compensation for the risk of getting a lower quality service to a registered taxi.

Taxi drivers see it as unfair competition and illegal incidentally service. A hitherto shared by the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre and Minister poeti since December. The RITQ has also reiterated Sunday its confidence in the incumbent of Transport.

Not “sharing economy”

In his Saturday statements Philippe Couillard presented UberX as a service resulting from the trend towards sharing economy, a business model which young people “are attached”.

Homsy Abdullah is adamant UberX “is not the sharing economy.” “It’s far from it. The sharing economy is when the interest of both is satisfied. But when someone makes profit 50 billion [boss of UberX] is of interest that are outside. ”

If Philippe Couillard gave no deadline and did not seem in a hurry to intervene to UberX, making only evoke its opening, his statements were taken very seriously. And they continue to be as stability has not returned to the taxi industry, also said Mr. Homsy.

The RITQ was to present its submission to media Sunday. The lengthy prepared document was filed with the Department of Transportation at the request of Robert Poëti, as part of a broad consultation on the industry. Mr. Homsy believes to present today, preferring to take the day Sunday to let the dust settle.

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