UdeS: the shuttle to the burden of FEUS

retire-sa-contributionThe University of Sherbrooke has chosen to withdraw its contribution in financing the shuttle dedicated to revelers students traveling from campus to downtown Thursday evening. The shuttle bus for students participating in social activities (5-7) is to avoid the mayhem in the regular circuits.

However, the bill could become too heavy for the Student Federation of the University of Sherbrooke (FEUS), which is alone with the cost shuttles and security officers who are there VOR.

Upon initiation of the shuttle, operating costs were shared between students Grouping Master’s and PhD University and FEUS. The Student Federation, however, assumes 100% of the bill since January. “It was always costly, but now we have to find ways to pay for because we can not continue in this direction,” commented Nicolas Delisle-Godin, President of the FEUS.

To explain this new financial reality, Mr. Delisle Godin-tip cuts needed in universities. “We are disappointed, but we understand that there are budget cuts,” he responds.

It was not possible to get an interview with the management of the University of Sherbrooke on Thursday to explain the decision. It was not possible to know the amount saved by the institution either.

Nicolas Delisle-Godin reported for his part that the shuttle, as well as security officers, can cost up to $ 916 for a normal Thursday. For prolonged activities, which are held once or twice per session, fees increase to $ 2,064.

“We calculated that there are approximately 90 students who use it every time. That amounts to about $ 10.10 per person. This is very high. Do not think long to realize that the principle of user-pay would not work. We are evaluating whether the shuttle is still essential. We do not want to lose the service on campus, but we do not want to cancel social activities either. ”

The subject will be on the agenda of the board meeting of members of the FEUS in early April. The service will be maintained until then. “What is important is that we remain at the table with the Société de transport de Sherbrooke to consider solutions.”

“We remain alert and we do not change the course.”

The president of the STS, Bruno Vachon, indicates that the file is an administrative currently. “We remain alert and we do not change the course. We are listening. If we return to the situation before the shuttle, we will see what we will do. ”

Could the STS absorb part of the bill? “It is certain that this service should be offered at no cost to us. This is a special service to a particular customer. We can not open that door. This is not to all citizens to pay for it. Otherwise, it stops where? ”

The adviser of the University District, Jean-François Rouleau, is surprised and concerned about the decision of the educational institution. However, it expects the next meeting of citizen-student committee before alarm. “I expect the proposals FEUS. I trust them. ”

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