Umtiti: “As if we were only plots for Messi”

umtiti-barca_w484Arrived this summer at FC Barcelona, Samuel Umtiti is dazzled by the qualities of Lionel Messi ball at the foot.

Samuel Umtiti joined in a crazy speed at FC Barcelona, “the club of [his] dreams”. Holder along with Gerard Piqué, when he is not injured, the French defender must not regret at all his choice of having left the OL this summer even though, at first sight, the bet seemed dared. Whether in games or training, the international tricolor progresses every day. With such teammates, it can not be otherwise.

If the world-class players are not lacking in the blaugrana squad, one of them impresses him particularly. His name: Lionel Messi, obviously. The Argentinian striker, European top scorer this season with 19 achievements, is doing things that the former Lyons have never seen. “He’s so easy with the ball, his talent is innate, even if there’s a lot of work,” he says in the French Football column.

Even if it is sometimes a victim, in the small oppositions between partners, the player of 23 years is completely dazzled by what the fivefold Ballon d’Or is able to do. “At training, he does things that are out of the ordinary,” he says. “Sometimes he reviews us as if we were nothing but him.” Saturday afternoon, at Camp Nou, it is the other phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo that he will cross during the Clasico.

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