Unusual world record for organic fresco on grass 10 000 m 2

guillaume-legros-plus-connu-sousA young French artist made in five days ephemeral painting of 10,000 m2 on a hillside in Switzerland, achieving the largest mural on grass in the world.

Guillaume Legros, better known by his name Saype artist, chose the small town of Leysin, in the Alps, to paint a shepherd 100 m by 100 m, lying on the grass, pipe in mouth, eyes half closed.

To preserve nature, Saype used only natural and biodegradable products made of water, flour, linseed oil and natural products, a mixture that was then sprayed using a paint gun. Rain and regrowth of grass will gradually remove the shepherd.

Technical and physical challenge

The realization of this gigantic fresco has encountered many obstacles, particularly related to its size and uneven. “It’s a challenge both technically and physically. If you forget a bucket of paint down, it’s a half hour to get it, “explained the artist, quoted by the newspaper 24 hours.

He also had to deal with the unexpected: thunderstorms fermentation of painting and especially holes moles that forced him to repair the face of the shepherd in a hurry, before the opening scheduled for Saturday.

Enthusiast philosophy Saype wants to raise respect for the environment. “I drew a huge man. But in the vastness of nature, there is nothing. It is on this that I wanted to think, “he told the daily.


Saype, 27, lives and works in Switzerland. Self-taught, he began painting graffiti through to 14 years. A pioneer in the field of painting on grass, artistic current registering between land art and graffiti, he produced since 2013 gigantic ephemeral faces in landscapes.

Last year, he had already made a woman portrait of 1.400 m2 on the grass at La Clusaz in the French Alps.

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