Upcoming meeting on illegal accommodation

denault-nicole-bergeronThe City of Sherbrooke awaiting the entry into force of the new law governing tourist accommodation to clarify its position on the use of the site Airbnb, which somehow makes the competition for accommodations and lodgings. A working meeting is already scheduled between stakeholders, officials of the city and representatives of Destination Sherbrooke.

In May 2015, Councillor Marc Denault had denounced the gap between hotels and individuals who offered their apartment on Airbnb. “I have had no follow my request, notes Marc Denault. I would doubt very much that our intention is to regulate the situation in the recasting of the zoning and subdivision. One could perhaps make reference to uses, but the subject was not addressed to the board or the executive committee, unless it has escaped me. ”

There is one year, Mr. Denault had been sensitive to an intervention by the operator of the Marquis de Montcalm, who deplored inequality. “I was convinced that there would follow,” suggests the councilman, who admits not having revived the subject. “I have not been wise in this folder there. I have my faults too. In several sectors, we ask that the records be recorded for monitoring and it should have been registered. People were concerned about something else … ”

Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee, Nicole Bergeron, mentioned that the file has indeed been treated. ‘The planning department was awaiting the bill of the Government of Quebec. Meanwhile, work had been done with Destination Sherbrooke, because it relates to tourism. What we realize is that the ministry should issue the license, but he will ask the City if the area allows commercial use. The difficulty is to find track of offenders. How to track these people if they do not appear? Ensure to work hand in hand with the government. That means we need resources, inspectors. Otherwise, it runs on the complaints. ”

Marc Denault none the less convinced that it will rule quickly on the changes sweeping the media hotel and transportation. “It’s a reality. More and more people shall exchange for housing or transportation. We should discuss Airbnb, Uber, but also to see where we stand on that, on how to frame them. We must respect those who follow the rules and pay us taxes. ”

Nicole Bergeron feels the same way, but would like to know how other cities are tackling the phenomenon. “We must find ways to adapt to new business practices. There is a gray area, but we feel that there is a will with the new law. I’d be curious to see if other cities have results. Perhaps we should unite our thoughts. If mechanisms are already in use and function, one could enjoy. ”

In our pages Monday, bed & breakfasts of operators testified against the City to act to curb the illegal accommodation. They thought among others to claim a refund of trade taxes paid over the last five years if nothing changes.

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