Using an accelerating: several cases of severe burns reported in Sainte-Justine

hopital-sainte-justineThe Sainte-Justine Hospital reports having already received this summer five children who were victims of severe burns consecutive to the use of an accelerant on different sources of fire – campfire, BBQ, etc.

“Even if the flame is extinguished or small, the addition of an accelerant (melted gas, gasoline, etc.) will cause an explosion that can reach people or several meters in objects,” explains by way of release Dr. Patricia Egerszegi, a surgeon at the Sainte-Justine Hospital.

“Parents must therefore exercise caution and vigilance in the different situations where there is a fire. The BBQ that does not burn strong enough, the flame under the fondue dish that has just died, the campfire is not big enough are situations of extreme danger if speeding is added, “insiste- she.

The Sainte-Justine Hospital explains treat each year of children playing around a campfire, stumble and fall into the fire.

Even a campfire off for several hours or days may contain embers under the ashes that can severely burn your hands, knees or feet of children who venture there too closely, the statement said.

Once extinguished camp fire, an adult should add water and stir everything several times to make sure all the embers are extinguished. It is important to be extra vigilant near a fire, whatever its nature.

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