Vaccines: Obtain First … Time to Restore Confidence

6355429lpw-6355438-article-sipausa31235695000010-jpg_3932399_660x281Last night, the Advisory Committee on Citizens’ Consultation on Immunization, chaired by Professor Fischer and Claude Rambaud, Co-President of the Inter-Association Group on Health, made his astonishing “verdict”: he is in favor of a return A transitional obligation for the eleven vaccines included in the pediatric calendar – against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, pneumococcus And meningococcus C. – and, for health professionals, against hepatitis B and, also, against measles. This step is expected to continue “until the population is once again confident enough and this obligation can be lifted”.
However, this broadening of the vaccination obligation must be accompanied by an “exemption clause” which can be waived if it is used too heavily. The measure should also be accompanied by free vaccines, fully covered by health insurance. According to the experts, this would be “a strong signal of the authorities’ desire to promote vaccine prevention”. This compulsory status also requires compensation for any undesirable effects. Finally, this obligation entails ensuring that vaccines are available. To this end, the committee recommends the establishment of security stocks and the establishment of a national central purchasing policy. In addition, pharmacists should be allowed to vaccinate against seasonal flu and outside staff could assist school doctors and nurses to vaccinate children in schools.
Anti-vaccines give voice

Before arriving at these recommendations, the steering committee, composed of 16 people from the humanities and social sciences, commissioned two opinion polls and held 29 hearings. Two juries – one of citizens and one of health professionals – were gathered this summer and produced opinions. A participatory online space has raised more than 10,500 contributions between mid-September and mid-October. It remains to know how will react Marisol Touraine, who had set up this committee as part of a plan to revamp the vaccination policy launched in January precisely to face the low coverage of the French population and its growing defiance towards vaccination .
The anti-vaccines did not wait to give voice. The first to come forward was Michèle Rivasi (MEP, Vice-President of the Green Group and very involved in health problems). “We feared an operation of propaganda to incite the French to vaccinate, completely obscuring any reflection on the question of balance benefits / risks and conflicts of interests. We have been served, “she wrote in a statement to the press. It also assures that the committee has dismissed the “real issues”, such as the return of an aluminum-free DTP, the end of conflicts of interest by setting up a pool of independent experts To all health agencies and strengthening pharmacovigilance. There is no doubt that the subject of vaccination is not closed.

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