Vaiana, The Fantastic Animals, Allies … The results of the US Box Office

vaiana-la-legende-du-bout-du-monde-disneyThe weekend is over and it’s time for us to discover the films that have attracted American viewers in the dark rooms.
This weekend was Thanksgiving in the US and some took advantage of this family celebration to go to the movies, but what movies did they choose? Last week we found The Fantastic Animals at the top of the US Box Office, but the little babes imagined by JK Rowling were dethroned. Yes, for the first time in a month, magicians / wizards had to leave their place! It is the new heroine Disney, Vaiana who has had the courage to win successfully because for her first weekend of exploitation, the girl attracted many spectators and collected nearly $ 81 million in revenue. Decidedly, Disney really spends a good year 2016!

It is in the second and third places that we find the Fantastic Animals and Doctor Strange which respectively show receipts of 156 million and 205 million dollars as what magic brings a lot! It is the film with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt, Allies whose criticism is on melty, which takes the 4th place of the US Box Office with revenues estimated at 18 million dollars for a budget of 85 million. A success for the less mixed! Finally, Premier Contact, with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, takes 5th place in the US Box Office. The film garnered nearly $ 62 million in revenue for a budget of $ 47 million! Which of these films do you most want to see?

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