Vaiana, The Legend of the End of the World: A future success at the Queen of Snow, our critic

vaiana-la-legende-du-bout-du-monde-vaianaDive into the Disney of Christmas, Vaiana the Legend of the End of the World! We tell you more about this enchanting film that is out today in theaters ….
It is a wave of happiness that invades us to the editing of melty! Today Vaiana releases the Legend of the End of the World, the new nugget of the Disney studios. A breathtaking and enchanting Christmas film that will give you only one desire, take the nearest raft to crisscross the seas and go on adventure … A animated feature film directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, The legendary duo of the firm with big ears to which we owe the genialissimes the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, the Planet with the Treasure, the Princess and the Frog … And of which this feature length fits squarely in the lineage! This film was their first in 3D animation and for this one, the two directors immersed themselves in the heart of Polynesian culture. This gives the story of a heroine by the name of Vaiana, who braves the prohibition to take off and allies himself with the demigod Maui to try to save his island and its inhabitants … A synopsis that invites us to Trip, just like the absolutely sumptuous landscapes of Vaiana that have put our eyes full!

Vaiana is not a princess, but a Disney heroine who reminds us of the very strong characters of Mulan, Pocahontas or Megara, other strong women who have marked our memories! She takes risks to save her world despite the dangers that await her and takes us on an immersive and eventful adventure. One of the first strengths of the film is the development of all its characters, whether primary or secondary. Maui, who should have been originally the hero of this film, brings a lot of humor and has a very atypical personality. Their duo works wonders! We have on our side a small weakness for grandmother Tala, the “crazy village” whose role is decisive for the continuation of the plot … Even the ocean is a character, a risky but raised with Brio by the film team! Strong and endearing characters, sublime landscapes and a well-crafted intrigue which explains the excellent result at the US box-office of Vaiana …

But most importantly, Vaiana the Legend of the End of the World has an INCREDIBLE soundtrack! The music will keep you in mind after your session, and you will find yourself singing like us the Blue Light coming out of the shower … Because this song is the new Liberated, Delivered! Composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda who will also be in charge of the titles of Mary Poppins Returns, these songs pay homage to the Polynesian culture and contribute to the special atmosphere that emerges from this film. A disorienting Christmas film that warms our hearts as we approach the winter and offers us a film in the line of the best of the Disney stable. Vaiana the Legend of the End of the World will only remind you of the characters and stories that have lulled our childhood … And that will certainly have a success worthy of the Queen of Snows! Will you see Vaiana the Legend of the End of the World at the cinema?

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