Vaillancourt, “one of the best” of the CFL Evaluation Camp

-ligne-offensive-rouge-orRupert Butcher shone in the evaluation of the Canadian Football League camp on Sunday. The defensive lineman 6’5 ” and 327 pounds Mustangs at Western was dominant in competitions one against one at Varsity Stadium. Butcher was virtually unstoppable on the pressure against the exercises quarter using his size and strength to move his opponent.

But the native of London, Ontario, has also proved agile and quick on his feet in lateral movements. “I think it was important to show that I could well exert pressure and move fast,” said the owner of a major in philosophy. “The most important for a guy my size is to show that he can move and he has the agility to play in the CFL because the CFL revolves around pressure on quarterbacks.

“The film that coaches have seen me before the evaluation camp did not have many sequences where I applied the pressure. I proved today that I could play against them. ”

Butcher was part of the 51 players present at the evaluation camp, which only 3 of the 10 top prospects took part.

Disappointed with his bench

The guard from Laval University, Charles Vaillancourt, sixth best hope was the highest rated in the camp. The native of Coaticook, measuring 6’4 ” and weighs 315 pounds, was eager to compete one against one after being disappointed with his 24 repetitions in the bench press.

“I wanted to show them how much I am strong, has he said. I was a little disappointed with my bench, but I think I proved to everybody that I am very strong. ”

The CEO of the Toronto Argonauts, Jim Barker, does not believe that Vaillancourt has hurt its ranking this weekend. “He arrived here as one of the best guys and he proved he was one of the best, said Barker. He was very blocked, it was balanced and patient. ”

Vaillancourt praised Butcher, but was disappointed that the lineman David Onyemata, ranked second, is not present.

“Rupert’s a big guy that is hard to move, said Vaillancourt. I wish I could measure myself with David because he is one of the best and hoped to compare myself to him. He beat me last year at the All-Star game and I wanted to return the favor this weekend but I wish him the best of luck. I hope we will meet again on the field soon. ”

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