Vancouver: a criminal group linked to a medicinal cannabis trade

vancouver-devenue-premiere-ville-canadienneVancouver police discovered a criminal organization “important” was related to medicinal cannabis trade in the city, where the police conducted a raid and arrested an employee.

Sergeant Randy Fincham said Thursday that officers had searched the limelife Society shop, east of Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon. The officer would not say which group was involved, but he stressed that it was “somewhat important”.

Not all members of the organization who had infiltrated the store; only a few were members or were there “linked”, as Fincham sergeant.

An employee of 25 years was also released without charge.

The drug squad of the Vancouver police had an eye for a month trade, after receiving regarding complaints alleged links to organized crime.

She quickly realized that the store was selling drugs to young people and people who did not hold a valid license to consume medical cannabis.

The police do not investigate the other three shops limelife Society in Vancouver, said Mr. Fincham. “Obviously there are other cannabis stores we monitor,” he added.

Vancouver became the first Canadian city to regulate dispensaries cannabis in June.

The law forces producers to pay $ 30,000 to get a permit and settle at least 300 meters from schools and community centers. These clinics are also banned in some parts of the city. There are currently 80 clinics in Vancouver.

So far, 11 searches were conducted in the businesses in Vancouver and 20 people were arrested, according to Fincham sergeant.

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