Vandalism: the bronze girl returns Woodyatt Park

1177721A little over a year after vandals have literally sawed from its base bronze girl, the statue is back at Parc Woodyatt, to the delight of passers and her boyfriend who was very lonely since.

The spokesman for the City of Drummondville, Sonia Collard confirmed that the artist who created the work, in the late 1990s, still had the mold of the little girl. He was able to create a copy, an expenditure approaching $ 10,000.

Recall that criminals have taken over the imposing statue in December 2014, leaving behind a desolate landscape. Officers from the Drummond SQ were investigating, but have not been able to find the identity of the suspects. Investigators are still hard at work to shed light on this matter.

To prevent a second theft, the City of Drummondville has moved somewhat the monument and make them more visible to passersby. a municipal employee was also mandated to monitor the site. This piece of bronze is a gift from Camille McKenzie Rotary Club.

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