Vasectomy may be excluded from the public system

invite-plusieurs-reprises-commission-parlementaire(Quebec) Vasectomy she must be paid by the public system? The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, raised the issue in committee on Tuesday, leaving presume he considered the possibility of excluding the intervention of the basket of services.

The Minister of Health was in the process of responding to a question from the member for Duplessis, the PQ Lorraine Richard, on incidentals when he returned him: “Vasectomy, is that it must be paid by the public? […] Is there a disease called sperm? “Asked the minister Barrette, while stating that he was only asking a question,” to give an opinion. ”

“It’s a question I ask here, just like that. That’s the real choice, “said Mr. Barrette. Just before, the minister said it was necessary to “make choices in our budgetary situation” to keep public services “most medically required”.

The Sun has tried to learn more Tuesday about the intentions of the Minister, without success. This one was not available for an interview, said her publicist, Joanne Beauvais, according to Mr. Barrette has only cited “an example”.

Repeatedly invited a parliamentary committee to provide specific cases of abuse in incidental costs of billing, abuses his government promises to remove the Minister Barrette eventually include that of “vasectomy to $ 300.” “We know that it does not cost that,” the minister said, without specifying what he said would be a fair price to pay.

In April, the Journal de Montreal reported that vasectomy, which has always been covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, was no longer a sufficiently commercial transaction for doctors (general practitioners and specialists) in the public system (the Vasectomy is often done in practice), and that several may cease to do or go in private.

The president of the Quebec Urological Association, Dr. Serge Carrier, adding that urologists might also be tempted to do more vasectomies in the hospital for failing to pay for incidental expenses (office, nurse, products and drugs), but it would cost “much more expensive to the system.” “I do not think it’s a winner,” he told the Journal.

Neither Dr. Carrier nor the president of the Federation of General Practitioners, Dr. Louis Godin, had responded to our requests for interviews at the time of this writing.

Amendment to the amendment

Earlier in the morning on Tuesday, the sub-amendment tabled by the Parti Québécois MP Diane Lamarre to include incidental expenses in physician compensation was rejected. “It would be possible to pick up the $ 50 million [the amount that patients have to pay each year incidentals] in the $ 7 billion that are currently accorded to doctors. These charges then, it is not for patients to pay, it is already included and it should be included in the envelope of the doctors, “reiterated Mrs. Lamarre, in vain.

The Member for Taillon also proposed that optimizes the use of medical equipment in hospitals before paying for the equipment at the cutting edge of technology in offices and private clinics. “We can use these facilities in the evenings and on weekends, not just between 8h and 16h, rather than loading the incidentals patients to pay for modern facilities in private clinics. It would be a maximum use of resources, “argued Ms. Lamarre.

A proposal was immediately rejected by the Minister Gaétan Barrette, who recalled that an increase in services in hospitals evenings and weekends will necessarily result in increased costs.

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