Vatileaks 2: questionable financial practices Vatican

cela-nest-absolument-pas-faconTwo forthcoming books reveal financial escapades behind the thick walls of the Vatican, where, according to the authors, part of the poor to such facts donations fund actually overspending of some cardinals.

These revelations, distilled on Tuesday by the Italian press, came after the arrest this weekend of a Spanish prelate, Monsignor Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, and an Italian layman, Francesca Chaouqui, accused of leaking documents of economic small state . Ms. Chaouqui was released.

The Avarice books Emiliano Fittipaldi, of the weekly L’Espresso left, and Via Crucis Gianluigi Nuzzi from, Mediaset television group owned by the Berlusconi family, will be in bookstores on November 5.

They report that such donations received by the Holy See for the poor are not all meant, far from it, to charities. According Emiliano Fittipaldi, 400 million euros ($ 577 million) would have been so diverted from the body of the “Peter’s Pence” for the needs of the Curia.

The author takes the example of some 200,000 euros (nearly $ 289,000) embezzled a foundation dependent on the hospital Bambino Gesu Catholic (Baby Jesus) to finance the renovation of the apartment of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, former -number two Vatican. This luxury apartment of 700 m2 on the top floor of Palazzo San Carlo, close to the much more modest occupied Pope Francis to St. Martha residence, had hit the headlines last year.

Pope Francis had then expressed his anger at the news of the removal of the former Vatican Secretary of State in this sumptuous apartment, badly framing with its simplicity will.

Italian journalist also says that this same Cardinal used the services of a helicopter to go to Basilicata (south of Italy) as part of an operation “marketing” on behalf of the foundation. Cost of the flight, as Emiliano Fittipaldi: 23,800 euros ($ 34,358).

“Apartments of 500 m2”

And cardinals “continue to live in apartments of 500 m2,” adds his side Gianluigi Nuzzi.

The latter, who was also involved in the previous leaked documents at the end of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, reported “losses from inventory differences” with “holes” 700 000 supermarket Vatican and 300 euros 000 ($ 433,000) to the Vatican pharmacy.

According to this reporter, the Pope would have chaired a closed meeting in 2013, lamenting that “the costs are out of control ‘, in a 30% increase in the number of employees in five years.

Not to mention Bishop and Mrs. Vallejo Balda Chaouqui Gianluigi Nuzzi says that “sources” wanted “help the Pope” by publishing documents to which they had full access to the Commission’s economic experts where they worked.

It “is absolutely not a way to help the mission of the pope,” Vatican warned Monday in a statement, referring to ‘serious betrayal of his trust. ”

The reasons which prompted the two “crows” supposed, Bishop and Mrs. Vallejo Chaouqui to disclose such information is subject to several interpretations.

For some, it is the willingness to help the pope predominates, thus revealing the escapades as Cardinals Bertone, readily associated with the former Vatican Jorge Bergoglio wants to see disappear. But for others, it is also the spirit of revenge, especially with regard Mgr Vallejo, a prospective time to a position of responsibility in financial institutions and which have not been named.

“I understand that the Vatican shows concern. (…) Such an investigation can alarm because it reveals the distance between the poor positioning of the pope and the actual operation of the Vatican machine, “said his side Mr. Fittipaldi in La Stampa.

The seductive consultant who was behind the second “Vatileaks”
Francesca Chaouqui, external consultant to the Vatican, seductive and indiscreet, broke the rule of silence in the state of the world’s smallest and secrecy which earned him to be arrested in a case that looks like a new “Vatileaks”.

Released because she had agreed to work with the Vatican justice, this beautiful 33 year old woman, Moroccan-born Italian, has behind it a past consultant, having worked in audit firms and in communication. It is also close to a Spanish priest, Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, a member of an association of priests, the “Holy Cross Society,” united to Opus Dei.

Ms. Chaouqui admits she feels close to this powerful conservative prelature, which attaches great importance to the laity, the sanctification through work, a modern and efficient communication.

This is Bishop Vallejo Balda, now held in the Vatican, who in 2013 proposed the name of Mrs. Chaouqui when François eight experts formed the commission to see what remedies to bring bad economic operation of the Holy See The COSEA.

The mandate of the COSEA allowed him to investigate everywhere, opening cupboards and drawers in all jurisdictions of the small state.

Francesca Chaouqui was its youngest member and the only woman. Very quickly, his previous active presence on various social networks was not well experienced in this discrete world. The highly critical of Pope Francis Vatican Sandro Magister (L’Espresso) first revealed the malaise in the summer 2014.

Slightly risqué photos of the beautiful brunette woman in her husband’s arms had appeared on social networks. But they are mostly tweets will be charged. She denies having mostly written and says defamed.

Controversial tweets

One such controversial tweets accusing Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, then Secretary of State of Benedict XVI, corruption. Another affirmed that Benedict XVI would have leukemia. All this in full “Vatileaks”, while Joseph Ratzinger butler, Paolo Gabriele, was acknowledged to have delivered to the Italian press of secret documents.

The fact that she knew the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi the Mediaset group, which had collected these documents in his bestselling book “Sua Santita” has not helped to reduce the distrust of him.

They spoke from 2013/2014 a “raven-woman” in the Vatican, Paolo Gabriele considering that could not be responsible for any leaks. Without any evidence that this is Ms. Chaouqui.

She is also accused of having organized with Bishop Vellejo Balda luxurious reception on a terrace near the Vatican in April 2014, the day of the canonization of John Paul II.

In the columns of La Stampa, Francesca Chaouqui has proclaimed his innocence Tuesday by rejecting full responsibility for the facts on Spanish religious.

These are, it seems, the two combined testimony on financial reserved documents that have fueled two books published Thursday: “Avarice” Emiliano Fittipaldi of the weekly L’Espresso, and “Via Crucis” of Gianluigi Nuzzi.

The Vatican expert Marco Politi judge that there “is a big difference between Vatileaks Vatileaks 1 and 2”. Vatileaks 1 while authorities revealed a 2 Vatileaks struggle reveals a set of people isolated initiatives, he believes.

“These are bad faith actions. In the past, says the Vatican AFP, such could say, I will denounce outside because nobody listens to me inside. Today, everyone knows that if someone is going to see the Pope to denounce illegality, it listens and intervenes. ”

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