Verreault think to join the Marquis

aborde-interet-joindreFrancis Verreault could end up with the Marquis de Jonquiere next season. The former captain of the Chicoutimi Chicoutimi has just finished her season in Europe and it is currently thought to whether or not remains in his hometown for the next season. His rights belong to the Marquis.

Met Sunday noon at the Centre Georges-Vezina in the Provincial Hockey Tournament for First Nations, Mayor Verreaultville confessed to have to sit and think about the future of hockey. At 28, he has already given up on professional hockey in North America. He spent last season with the Stars Gentofte, Denmark.

“I’m thinking and I do not know if I’ll go back, noted Francis Verreault, estimating his chances of returning to Europe at 50 percent. I will soon be 29, I know I’m still able to play at a high level, but it’s more personal. I give myself two or three months to think about it. If I stay, I’m open to playing with the Marquis. ”

The hockey Mashteuiatsh recalled that he went to a week to don the jersey Marquis early in the season, before an offer to cross the Atlantic presents itself. In 21 games with the formation of the first division of the Danish league, Verreault has five goals and 15 assists. He just completed his third season on the Old Continent.

“It was a somewhat difficult season with a view of the offensive production, but the fact remains that it was another great life experience, reacted friendly athlete. I was based in Copenhagen and it’s a beautiful city. ”

Present in Saguenay to participate in the provincial tournament First Nations hockey, Francis Verreault did not hide his satisfaction to be present at the amphitheater, where he played for five seasons with the Sags. It is also registered in Class A with the Redmen. His brother Jean-Simon and his cousin are particularly in the lineup, as Louis-Philippe Simard of Chicoutimi.

“I get to play with my little brother and my cousin, so when I have the chance to participate in this tournament, I do not ask me questions,” agreed Francis Verreault, noting that about ten his family moved in one of the classes of the tournament.

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