Victoriaville tries to seduce Airbus

andre-bellavance-directeur Airbus eyeing to North America and the mayor of Victoriaville, Andre Bellavance, fully intends to roll out the red carpet to the imposing manufacturer uses his municipality as a gateway to the New World.

“We do nothing announced yet, but there is an interest for Airbus to settle on the North American market and we would like to become a gateway. The company is looking for subcontractors in several sectors, including metallurgy and finish. The free trade agreement with Canada will certainly promote things, “he explains.

A delegation of seven researchers, scientists, managers and politicians in the region which also made in Colomiers in France in recent weeks to complete a seduction mission. It is estimated that there is a great interest of both sides for the moment, remains to be seen how the talks will result.

“The goal is not to get an Airbus factory here, relativize the general manager, Martin Lessard. We would they entrust us with projects that our companies can do outsourcing. There are particular Sural which produces materials that can be used to design aircraft parts. We have also developed expertise in connection with the design of aircraft interiors. ”

The region including the manufacturer tries to seduce by its green fiber. We want the multinational improves its environmental record, among other things, the use of finishing products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Twinning with Colomiers

Victoriaville has also announced the development of a twinning project with the city of Colomiers, which could emerge during the next year. Representatives of both municipalities met a few times and it seems that they have complementary interests.

“They have an interest in our innovative social policy, our progress in sustainable development, and our practices in municipal management. From our side, we are blown away by the opening of their cultural and sporting venues. They have a gym membership which has 1,000 children, this is not nothing for a city of 40,000 inhabitants, “says Mr. Bellavance.

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