Violent arrest on Highway 70

securite-publiqueFour individuals were arrested on Sunday afternoon on Highway 70 near the interchange St. Paul in Chicoutimi, in a vast police deployment at “high risk” in connection with two attacks in Jonquiere and Bay that left one of the victims in a “lamentable” state.

The lieutenant in charge of Public Security of Saguenay, Sabrina Savard, indicates that the suspects will appear Monday morning at the Chicoutimi courthouse and had to spend the night in custody. An investigation is underway and the forensic identification service has notably been requested.

“It all started with a verbal altercation at the Bay in the afternoon. Individuals could not enter the home and they went to another place, where they have settled the account of the person. Witnesses made a report and we were able to locate the vehicle, which had four people on board. The driver did not have the choice to pull over to the shoulder, since officers blocked the road in front and others came to encircle them. ”

The arrest took place between the outputs of the St. Paul Boulevard and the boulevard of the Kingdom, towards Jonquiere. “There were six police cars around a minivan. Traffic was blocked. When I went in the other direction, there was a man on the floor, hands on head and legs apart, and another beefier standing who was held at gunpoint, “said one witness Daily.

Lieutenant Savard ensures that the operation went well. “The suspects followed the commandments. The police took them carefully, for they had received information that they could be armed, but not necessarily a firearm. We did not need to use force. The violence of the attacks let us predict the worst. ”

Another person who was beaten was discovered in Jonquiere. “We do not know when it happened, but it is probably related to other events,” said the lieutenant in charge.

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