Viree New York Times food and culture in Saint-Roch and Limoilou

variations-oeuvre-emilie-bourgault-gres(Quebec) The creativity and culinary scenes of Saint-Roch and Limoilou neighborhoods have the spotlight in an article in The New York Times posted online Tuesday and Sunday which will be published in the paper version of the prestigious American newspaper.

The journalist Dan Saltzstein crisscrossed the streets of the lower town in search of good addresses in these neighborhoods that have changed the face of recent years. The title of the paper, “In Quebec, Creativity Fuels Neighborhood Revivals “(which could be translated as” In Québec, creativity propel revitalization “) also refers to the importance of the art scene, cultural and culinary in these sectors . Medusa Cooperative, The Circle, temporary public square SPOT and Materia Centre are among the cultural destinations offered by the reporter. Citing actors of the cultural scene as the president of Medusa, Mériol Lehmann, or Amélie Marois, director of Materia, article mentions the difficult past of Saint-Roch and the role of art centers in his recovery. Food side, the New York Times quotes the Legend restaurant, The leaning Tower, Deux22 the dose coffee and La Planque where the journalist described his meal “spectacular”. A leader of the picture Guillaume Saint-Pierre also accompanies the article.

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