Visit the UPAC at Hydro-Quebec

on-denombre-hydro-quebec-totalThe anti-corruption police intervened with the state-owned Hydro-Québec earlier this year,STOPRU has learned. A general superintendent was demoted and can no longer grant contracts, but no charges will be laid against him.

According to our information, this employee of Hydro-Québec was targeted by investigators of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) who visited the Hydro-Québec offices and shared services Equipment Place Dupuis, at 855 rue Ste -Catherine East. The employee at the heart of the investigation has also been suspended without pay from March to the end of June, are we known.

A general superintendent plans, organizes and manages the work of employees and contractors. There are 15 superintendents at Hydro, 5 of General Superintendents, all the shared equipment and services division, which is the construction division at Hydro.

The name of the general superintendent in question appeared on the owner-builder license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in early August with those of five other people, including Réal Laporte, president of HQ Equipment and shared services. On August 24, his name was not there.

“Our investigators went to Hydro-Québec in May. They met people, “says the spokesperson for UPAC Anne-Frederick Laurence.

However, after the internal investigation of Hydro-Québec, the two parties, and UPAC Hydro have agreed not to refer the matter to the Attorney General of the province since there was no wrongdoing but only an ethical violation for a supplier, says a source close to Hydro-Québec.

Malfeasance implies a silver output, misappropriation of money says that same person. For ethical breach, rather it means a breach of trust.

The employee was able to reinstate the Hydro-Québec ranks with salary, but he was demoted. It may no longer grant agreements, ensures our informant.

“Right now, I have not much to say,” has indicated it when we reached by phone at his new place of work at Hydro-Quebec, Laval.

Independent verification

As for the company concerned, it signed an integrity pact with Hydro. Under this pact, she submits to an independent audit of its books, which is still ongoing, we did it said. During the process, the company can not bid with Hydro-Québec.

Note that this is the UPAC, not Hydro, which is responsible for the investigation. Once informed by the anti-corruption police, Hydro triggered the internal investigation process.

On the side of the corporation that has a monopoly on electricity distribution, it is mentioned fully cooperate with the UPAC.

“When the information has been brought to the attention of Hydro-Québec, a survey was conducted by the company, and the results were presented at the UPAC, says Marie-Elaine Deveault, Press Officer at Hydro. No charges were laid. Moreover, as it were ethical shortcomings, rigorous disciplinary measures were taken. Hydro-Québec has not paid nor taken any fees for work which would have accrued to an individual. ”

A second known case in months

The General Superintendent demoted is not the first employee of Hydro-Québec who are criticized its lack of ethics. Denis Hervieux, part of the Crown corporation, was fired in December 2014. He had exacted a particular parking his Porsche and his daughter had got a job of a supplier, according to what reported the Journal de Montreal.

At the time, the Minister Pierre Arcand expressed his confidence in the verification measures implemented by the corporation. “There are many controllers to Hydro-Québec, do not worry,” he had said.

In his year-end report in December, the head of UPAC Robert Lafrenière had told the media that his team was investigating Hydro and the corporation was even part of its four main priorities in 2015, the same as are municipal contracts, major road works and computer files.

Hydro-Québec constantly exchange with UPAC on a multitude of topics, they say internally at Hydro-Québec. It was impossible to know the number of ongoing investigations.

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