Volkswagen case: fifty employees have confessed

travailleurs-assemblent-porsche-cayenne-chaineFifty employees of German car manufacturer Volkswagen have confessed under the amnesty program offered to employees to accelerate internal investigation into fixing scandal diesel engines, the manufacturer said Tuesday.

“Approximately 50 employees” have benefited from the program, said Tuesday in AFP a spokesman.

As part of it, to accelerate the investigation of cheating emissions standards revealed in September, employees had until Monday to testify internally without fear of sanctions from their employer, which also committed themselves to do everything to alleviate possible legal action.

Volkswagen has promised to shed light on how 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide have been equipped with software to defraud truqueur emission tests.

In a letter to his staff earlier this month, Volkswagen stated that the time was running “until 30 November at the latest” and not until the end of December as originally planned.

Volkswagen decided to shorten this special regime to clarify as soon as possible the circumstances of the case and stick to the pressing demands of American justice. Because the United States is the country where the scandal began and where the group risk billions in fines.

It is thanks to this that the immunity program auto giant fraud discovered a second, this time over 800,000 vehicles with emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2) were much higher than those posted on their technical specifications .

The umbrella group marks 12 (the Seat and Skoda urban sedans Audi and Porsche sports, through MAN and Scania trucks), had until November 30 to present the German authorities of its technical solution up to standard of the three types rigged engines, and made his copy in time.

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