She wants to go to Germany to treat widespread cancer

-bianca-bolducPlaced facing a diagnosis implacable first view of widespread cancer, Magogoise Bianca Bolduc has chosen not to give up. She will travel to Germany to undergo treatments in the coming months and shows determined to live for half a century yet.

Ms. Bolduc was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2010. It was almost midnight when one was diagnosed, but it went through and lived a period of remission for four years.

In 2015, the mother of two young children was again told that she had breast cancer. She bent to recommended treatments and everything seemed to have gone well at the end thereof. But the disease reappeared, more aggressive than ever.

Currently, Bianca Bolduc has metastases to lymph nodes and to the bone in addition to the masses to the liver. “The latest news was rather negative, she says. I went through a range of emotions. ”

Despite the verdict of doctors in March, the 43 year old woman keeps morale. “I am optimistic !, she says. It is not doctors who will decide what will happen to me. ”

Europe Direction

The Magogoise would obviously have preferred to receive all of its treatments in Quebec. However, she was dissatisfied with what his doctors offer here. “We only propose palliative,” she laments, while refraining from criticizing the medical staff who took care of her.

“I know a local woman who has used its services and has had good results.”

In Frankfurt, Germany, the doctor Thomas Vogl treat his liver masses by performing a series of four surgeries. It does not offer it to heal its metastases to lymph nodes or bones.

Normally, the first two surgeries will take place at the latest within a month. The other will be held about six weeks later. Bolduc will go twice in Germany with her husband, Vincent Vachon, for this series of surgeries.

“I’ve already spoken with Dr. Vogl in Germany. I know a local woman who has used its services and has had good results. It seems there are plenty of Quebecers who will see it. ”


Recently, a fundraising campaign is underway. Her manager, restaurateur Renaud Légaré, hopes to raise $ 40,000 to avoid Bianca Bolduc having to assume only the cost of his treatment on German soil.

“I wanted to give him a hand, says Mr. Légaré. I know this is someone who is always cheerful. She has the right attitude to his illness, I think. In fact, it amazes me. I find exemplary. ”

In the short term, it will be possible to make online donations for the Magogoise. But, for now, only checks are accepted. Must label the name of the Knights of Columbus Council 2383 Magog indicating the name of the recipient.

The address for sending checks is: Knights of Columbus Magog, 95 Merry Nord, Magog, J1X 2E7. For more information, call 819 674-5757.

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