Waste: the City will focus on awareness

-matieres-residuelles-pgmrThe Waste Management Plan (WMP) from 2016 to 2020 in the City of Sherbrooke has been modified to take account of comments received during the public consultation held last fall.

Chantal Pelchat, responsible for environment project in the City of Sherbrooke, a portrait of citizen concerns and clarifications that were made. “It was primarily reuse, source reduction and awareness of source separation. People have asked us to work even more on the awareness of citizens, industries, businesses and institutions and all that is in the construction sector, renovation and demolition. These are the players that must be part of our PGMR. ”

To achieve the objectives of awareness, communication tools will require an additional investment of $ 45,000 in five years as estimated by the City.

The role Valoris was also clarified. “One message we want to reinforce is that Valoris has a role to play, but that’s not all. Sorting at source, it’s still a very important actions. The material is more valuable when it is sorted at the source, not when mixed in garbage bag. ”

Ms. Pelchat says Ville lack of information about the material that comes from shops, industries and institutions and it is a challenge to collect.

Other details to the plan, which is to identify actions grasscycling and home and community composting to educate various community stakeholders. For sustainable events, it is question of the integration of a set for the abandonment of water bottles disposable and non-recyclable or reusable products. The reuse of materials made to ecocentres is also encouraged.

Nicole Bergeron Advisor wished that the recovery of agricultural plastics, scheduled for 2018, comes earlier. Christine Ouellet, president of the Environmental Committee, mentioned that these materials are large masses. “It would take a lot of bins for either recovered at the municipal level. It often takes cleaning to decontaminate also. It will take much research to develop them. ”

The WMP will obtain an NOC from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change. The Regulation should be adopted by the city in July and will be effective December 31, 2016, otherwise charges will be retained for one year. For 2015, these charges represent $ 1.6 million.

Note that some materials will eventually be banned from landfills or organic materials, paper, cardboard and wood.

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