Waste treatment: Savard Sod the Registry of Lobbyists

1163960The company Grass Savard makes every effort to maximize its chances of getting the waste treatment contract in Saguenay.

Chicoutimi company, which specializes in industrial composting, enrolled in the Québec register of lobbyists in order to present a project for the “award of a contract for the treatment of household waste (recycling, biogas, composting and landfill). ”

As of 2013, the director Marcelle Tremblay confided in Progrès-Dimanche that his company had delivered a presentation to Promotion Saguenay executives responsible for finding a solution for the treatment of waste after 2017. That’s when the landfill technical Talbot boulevard, the limits of Laterriere, will reach its maximum capacity. Since Saguenay has an agreement with the Board of residual materials (CMA) Lac-Saint-Jean-Est for the burial of waste that can not be valued. For cons, the city must still find a way to treat the putrescible matter. The Quebec government now requires municipalities to upgrade a certain percentage of this waste.

Mayor Jean Tremblay traveled to Germany in 2011 to observe biogas processes. He did the same thing recently in Saint-Hyacinthe. He is now in London, where he visits composting plants.

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