Wastewater: a petition of 90,000 names given to Coderre

denis-coderre-repondu-pendant-vingtaine(Montreal) The movement opposing the dumping of eight billion liters of sewage into the St. Lawrence River is not ringing off the hook: a citizen submitted a petition Tuesday night over 90 000 signatures in person to Denis Coderre. On the eve of the verdict expected Environment Canada, the mayor of Montreal did not want to comment on the consequences of a possible federal refusal.

“We will wait for the response of Environment Canada, who did not give his permission. That is: “Do they block or they do not block”? At the end of the line, they have all the documents. Between you and me, it [Leona Aglukkaq] had the past year, “said Denis Coderre, in scrum before the meeting of the borough council of Ville-Marie.

Without naming the mayor Coderre was very critical of the Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who asked last week to postpone the planned discharge of 18 to 24 October. “There are people who have tried to make the Ottawa policy. It’s Revole him a little bit in the face, because she said that she had learned the week before, when she had the documents since 2014 “, he responded to a citizen.

However, Environment Canada does not confirm that a response will be given to the City Wednesday. “Our primary concern is the protection of the St. Lawrence River and Environment Canada scientists will take the time necessary to examine in detail the information they have received from the City,” said Ted Laking email, the firm Minister Aglukkaq.

Due to federal laws, it is “practically impossible” that the mayor orders the discharge of waste water if Environment Canada does not give its authorization, supports the official opposition. “The City could have a big fine. The Director-General of the City, and maybe even Denis Coderre in person could be prosecuted, “suggests Sylvain Ouellet, spokesman for Montreal Project on water and sustainable development.

The elected also suggests that the administration could Coderre conceal information about the spill. “There may be some studies they hide us from the beginning. They leave them, studies, we do not always see them, “says Mr. Ouellet.

To the borough council, Denis Coderre replied for about twenty minutes questions from Xavier Nonnemacher, the instigator of the petition “The St. Lawrence is not a garbage,” signed by over 90,000 citizens. The mayor particularly hammered all the experts consulted by the City were convinced that the spill was the only solution and that it was not possible to put fences to prevent solids discharged into the river because of the inevitable repressions it would cause. “It’s a necessary evil”, repeated Denis Coderre.

The City must purge all wastewater interceptor 30 kilometers to build a new snow fall in downtown as part of the work of lowering the Bonaventure.

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