Wastewater: Coderre still awaiting the report of the Expert Committee

denis-coderre-reitere-sa-pleineThe Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, appears stoic pending the response of the expert committee appointed by Ottawa to review the decision of his administration to pour eight billion liters of sewage into the St. Lawrence River.

The City of Montreal maintains that this operation is essential and urgent because of work aimed, ultimately, improve the treatment of wastewater and redo the snow chute located under the Bonaventure Expressway, currently under demolition.

Mr. Coderre said he heard “rumors in some media” Friday morning to the effect that the committee had done his job, but he still had not had contact with the committee at that time.

However, it reiterated its full confidence in the scientific process and said he believes it would give him due process because the City had already been endorsed by many experts as the municipal and provincial levels.

He said the ministerial decree forbade him to proceed with the spill until November 2 and intends to respect it, just as the current assessment process.

Road to China

Mr. Coderre made the comments at a press conference where he announced the details of the trade mission he will lead China from Friday until 6 November.

This is a considerable size of the mission, while 70 persons primarily from the business community, but also academic and cultural circles, will accompany him to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal has assembled the largest delegation of business people in its history for the mission and its president, Michel Leblanc, argued that it was essential to conduct business under the umbrella of steps an elected, in a country where public authorities play a fundamental role in the local economy.

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