Wastewater discharges: the CAQ demands the dismissal of the Minister Heurtel

ministre-environnement-david-heurtel(Quebec) The future Quebec Coalition asks Philippe Couillard to dismiss his Minister of the Environment, David Heurtel, which authorized the City of Montreal to pour 8 billion liters of sewage into the St. Lawrence River.

The caquiste Mathieu Lemay member says that this is the third time the minister Heurtel fails in its task. It was first authorized drilling off Cacouna despite the risk for belugas. He also gave the green light to McInnis cement plant in the Gaspé, which will increase alone emissions of greenhouse gas by 6% in Quebec.

“Her primary responsibility is to ensure the protection of the environment for all of Quebec, reported Mr. Lemay. The authorization it has granted in February, to authorize the release of eight billion liters of water is totally irresponsible. It poses a risk to the environment and public health. ”

The Mayor and the Minister Denis Coderre Heurtel have always maintained that the city has no choice but to completely close an interceptor serving six districts for a week. The transaction will be used to move a snow chute located under the Bonaventure Expressway, which will be lowered.

According to the CAQ, Quebec could consider other scenarios. The City would have for example been gradually restore service in different sections of the interceptor instead of closing it completely for seven days. This would reduce the amount of sewage discharged into the river.

“He has taken no steps to mitigate the impacts on the environment, that is to say, he remained idly,” Lemay denounced the deputy.

Heurtel Minister has always said that the operation Coderre announced by the administration is “not ideal”. But he nevertheless considers “acceptable” impacts on the environment.

Several cities have expressed concern for their drinking water, even if Quebec has always maintained that it is not threatened.

The Parti Québécois had also demanded the head of the Minister Heurtel in June. Training Couillard called the government to order the suspension of the wastewater spill the time that Quebec is considering all the other options.

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