Brussels: traces of explosives and an impression of Abdeslam

trace-salah-abdeslam-arrete-samediEquipment for the preparation of explosive traces of explosive, three belts “that may have been intended to transport explosives” and a fingerprint of the suspect fleeing Salah Abdeslam were discovered in a Brussels apartment, announced Friday the Belgian courts.

This apartment, located in the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek, was raided on December 10, but this information had not been disclosed by the authorities before the leaks to the press Friday.

“The federal prosecutor confirms the discovery of materials for the preparation of explosives and traces of TATP (acetone peroxide, an unstable explosive used in the attacks of 13 November, Ed) during a search conducted in the third floor of an apartment located in Schaerbeek, H. Bergé street, “said the federal prosecutor’s office in a statement.

“This apartment had been rented under a false identity, which could have been used by a person being placed under arrest,” that is to say, charged and remanded in custody, according to the Belgian terminology.

Since the attacks of Paris, the Belgian court has indicted 10 people for terrorism, nine of whom are still in custody.

It is men suspected of helping Salah Abdeslam in its run. The latter, which according to investigators conveyed suicide bombers from the Stade de France and maybe waived commit an attack in the 18th district of Paris, is not found since it was brought to Brussels by car the day after the attacks that made 130 died in the French capital.

“Three handcrafted belts and that may have been intended to carry explosives were also discovered, as well as a fingerprint Salah Abdeslam” in this apartment, the statement said prosecutors.

“We found the footprint, but we have no idea when it was left. An impression has no date or time, “said AFP a spokesman for the prosecutor, Eric Van Der Sypt. “Maybe he went there to take his belt (before the attacks), or he went after. I guess the two hypotheses are possible. ”

The trace of Salah Abdeslam stops Saturday, November 14, after the attacks, around 14h in the streets of Schaerbeek, where one of the defendants admitted it submitted, according to the information already made public.

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