“Wave of violence” in Rosemont drug territories involved

1110512Gang members installed in Rosemont are involved in the series of attacks that killed five victims – including one death – in the criminal world since the beginning of the week, said yesterday the head of the major crimes section SPVM interview.

The “Bellechasse plan” currently would face the “plan Robert” – identified by La Presse yesterday – for drug traffic control in some areas of Montreal. Hence the “wave of violence” the last days, the citizens should however not to worry, as the commander Mario Desmarais.

These two “planes” are groups of the same allegiance: they are associated with the “Bleus”, a more or less organized constellation, historically opposed to the “Reds”.

The base of the “Bellechasse plan” is located near the “15th Avenue, a little south of Saint-Michel neighborhood,” Mr. Desmarais said. The “plan Robert” according to our information, takes its name from a public housing complex located at the corner of Robert Street and Boulevard Pie-IX.

“Young people aged 18-20”

In one case as in the other, they are “young people who want to make their place. In this case, our claim is that young people aged 18-20 want to take a share of drug trafficking-related market, “said the commander.

Mr. Desmarais would not confirm the information of the Press wishing that the last three murder attempts – including one perpetrated in motion on the highway – were acts of revenge for the murder of Alexander Tremblay, 22 , killed by shots to the head Monday outside his home in the Villeray district. It was part of the “plan Robert”, according to our information.

Sources told La Presse that the conflict would be exacerbated by the fact that the leader Gregory Woolley and his lieutenants, arrested as part of the operation that Magot beheaded organized crime in Montreal on November 19, are no longer present on the ground to maintain some control. Some “plans”, commonly called “cliques” are currently organizing alliances with other subgroups.

Mario Desmarais has only partially confirmed this information: “It is certain that people – whether they are bikers, [members] of the Italian-organized crime or street gangs – will try to take some up and take this opportunity [the arrests of Magot] to resume certain territories, “he said, adding it was too early to say that this was the case in the current folder.

One thing is certain, according to the commander: citizens should not be alarmed by the events of recent days. “The SPVM made an organizational priority,” he pleaded.

“There are eight homicides this year that connects to street gangs, including that of the last days. Of these, one in three has already resolved, so it is going well, “said Mario Desmarais.

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