WD-40 achieves its goal

forme-etienne-carrierWD-40 group, formed by three musicians from the region, has taken on the challenge to finance his new album in 40 days on the Internet. While it is a little over two weeks in the country, the goal of $ 4000 is already outdated.

Fans of the training, which mixes folk and metal styles, will be able to hear in the coming months the final product, which bears the working title The night after the flood. Monday, nearly $ 7,000 had been raised.

“We’re on the edge of having twice our goal, it’s been dazzling! We are very happy because at $ 8000, also produces vinyl discs and more, “said in a telephone interview the singer and bassist Alex Jones. It is accompanied by Stephen Carrier-Jones (aka Jean-Loup Lebrun) on guitar and Michel Dufour on drums.

Contributors can support WD-40 on the KickStarter platform and receive in exchange, according to the particular amount, a gift like autographed album, a t-shirt or a group invitation to the launch.

“We do not want to put too high a goal, to be sure to receive funding, says Alex Jones. It’s much easier this way than if we invested ourselves or requested a grant. We can concentrate on our music, especially that we all have careers separately in the arts. ”

Already 11 songs were composed, like “be tormented face his destiny,” in the words of the singer. This has precisely been an “illumination” for the title of the album recently, remembering an evening experienced during the Saguenay flood in 1996. “I was cycling in the corner of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, and as part of the road had collapsed, there were only local traffic passing. So I was all alone in the middle of the road, with the stars. ”

Alex Jones admits that with technology, it is possible to produce good albums with little budget. “It’s sad to say, but we do more with less! ”

The group, based in Montreal, could count on a good fan base present on social networks for fundraising. Alex Jones has the impression of never having been as popular in his hometown since he left the Saguenay. “This winter Sous-Bois in Chicoutimi, it was full. It is recognized now that is gone, like the prodigal son! “WD-40 is already booked for the same room during the holidays.

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