“We do not need a coalition,” said Trudeau TLMP

justin-trudeau-lors-passage-toutJustin Trudeau was cooked by Guy A. Lepage and Dany Turcotte about a possible coalition between the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party during his visit to the show Tout le monde en parle on Sunday. For its part, the Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe again spoke of the niqab and was open to discussing a coalition, but no way to work with the Conservatives.

“Who is the Prime Minister, you and Thomas Mulcair? You will alternate each month? “Asked Guy A. Lepage Justin Trudeau jokingly, not hesitating to call the NDP of” future partner. ”

“We do not need a coalition,” said the Liberal leader, adding that he hoped that his government won the election on 19 October. “We feel that there is a fatigue throughout the country. People know that we can pack Stephen Harper, we trust that it will happen. ”

Dany Turcotte said that the Liberal Party and the NDP essentially shared the same positions regarding the Energy East pipeline project (they ask tighter criteria and social accessibility of the project) and the niqab during swearing-in ceremonies Canadian citizenship.

The two political leaders line up behind the court decision that overturned a ministerial directive banning the wearing of the niqab during these ceremonies. Mr. Trudeau explained that the issue deserves to be debated, but the campaign was not an ideal context to do so.

“Is the niqab can be a political symbol of oppression of women? “Asked Mr. Lepage. “It can be,” acknowledged Mr. Trudeau. But he said that more important issues were at stake in this election, which earned him applause.

The Harper government is “hypocritical,” said Duceppe

Moments after the departure of Mr. Trudeau, the Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe has taken place on the shelf. In his first speech, he did not hesitate to raise the issue of the niqab. The leader said that his party opposes the swearing face veiled.

When asked if the campaign was a good forum for this debate, Duceppe blamed the Harper government has treated it as “opportunistic” and “hypocritical.”

Guy A. Lepage, however, reminded him that the Bloc had also used this issue to attack the NDP in an advertisement where an oil stain becomes niqab. Mr. Duceppe has instead used the opportunity to talk Pipeline and recall its complete opposition to East Energy project.

Regarding a possible coalition, the candidate for the riding of Laurier Sainte-Marie said refuse any collaboration with the Conservatives. He has not closed the door to other parties, but said he was waiting to see the outcome elections and what will be proposed to the Bloc if the situation arose.

“It’s important that Quebec pulls its weight, has he said, adding: there will be no blank check. ”

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