We must take action against motorists, require road signalmen

chaque-annee-y-environ-trentaineRoad marshals are angry. Orange in full operation, while monitoring in the areas of road construction has increased, a signaller says he was deliberately hit by a motorist. Exasperated, the Association of Workers in Quebec road signs (ATSRQ) requests the Government to get tough.

“It is constantly insulted and done with. But when you put your life in danger, there are always limits! “Eric Guay rage. Friday, he had quite a scare when he worked as team leader on a site located on Route 139, in Sutton.

A motorist did not appreciate Directive flagman directing him to wait behind a stop line, says Guay. “I told him to wait and she sent me walk,” he said. Mr. Guay has turned away a few seconds, and there’s no doubt in his head, the driver drove at him. He rolled on the hood on the passenger side before falling to the ground on his back.

The woman continued driving, but was intercepted at the output of the construction zone, says Guay. The Sûreté du Québec was called to the scene, confirmed the incident, but the report makes no mention of a voluntary gesture, said Sergeant Claude Denis, spokesman for the SQ.

The Sergeant Denis, however, confirmed that the conductor of 32 years had received a statement of $ 162 for failing to comply signaling and 3 demerit points.

“An assault”

Mr. Guay, he was transported by ambulance to the hospital in Cowansville. “I stuck the nerves in the lower back and I feel great electric shocks,” said the 44 year old man reached by telephone by The Gazette. He is now off work for a month. Stepdaughter and daughter, both of which are signaleuses recently and were on site, have been shaken by the accident and are also off work.

“When I knew that the conductor had had a fine, I do not believe it! This is an assault! “Protested Mr. Guay. In five years of business, this is his second accident. Last year, he collided with a motorist who had passed through a construction site in an area reserved for workers.

“Our job is not easy, people are in such a hurry and it is not awareness campaigns that make a difference! “He loose.

“Every year there are about thirty accidents involving flaggers. We signalers who are insulted, receiving threats, some are actually throwing water bottles and even poutine. ”

The ATSRQ requires the government to impose tougher sanctions. Mr. Dionne says besides having met the Minister of Transport Robert Poeti it a few months ago, and maintains that it is committed to impose heavier penalties for offenses committed on construction sites.

Valérie Rodrigue Press Secretary to the Minister Poëti, said that discussions had taken place in respect of signage on the sites as part of the modernization of the Highway Safety Code. She could not however confirm if the Minister had indeed made such a commitment.

number of deaths on the roads signalers since 2010
The ATSRQ also challenges the Department of Justice in order that charges be systematically brought against motorists involved in accidents where a signaller is injured. “If the driver is not at fault, then he will be acquitted, but at this time, if the signaller is not seriously injured, it is very rare that charges be filed. ”

The Sergeant Denis confirmed that reconstitutionnistes agents are typically called when there are serious injuries. He noted that the incident report in Sutton reported “minor injuries.”

Last month, a drunk man who was traveling in a construction zone and injured a flagman has received a sentence of 90 days in jail. A sentence too lenient, says Dionne.

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