We must think about the human, claims François Paradis

paradis-venu-preterCease to speak only of numbers and think to humans. That’s what the messages come to bring in Chicoutimi MP François Paradis, caquiste critical health, came Thursday to support his candidate Helene Girard.

Planted in front of the hospital, the member for Levis and Ms. Couillard Girard accused the government of not delivering the goods, and that, despite the 2.4% increase in health spending announced in the last budget Leitao.

“That does not even cover the cost of the system increases, denounced the caquiste, since 454 of the $ 715 million will go to wage increases and $ 88 million will be used only to finance services to the population. This ensures that the cuts will continue, “warns Mr. Paradis, taking as an example the closure of beds in nursing homes and the lack of operating time.

Thereupon he puts the figure at 2,300 people waiting for surgery, including 200 for over a year. In terms of broken promises, Francois Paradis noted that investing $ 150 million in home care has meant, in practice, with an injection of $ 60 million.

Helene Girard, the member for Lévis has qualified human candidate who will listen to citizens, paints a dark picture of 13 years of Liberal reign health. “I see the field. Myself, I’ve waited years orthopedic surgery. I had excellent service from the staff aside. But the wait was long, “she said, blaming the Minister Barrette mounting expectations, talk a lot but do not deliver.

Register firearms

Helene Girard took no position on the law creating the 64 Quebec registry of long guns, for which its leader François Legault has promised your free (see other article).

“I have not yet decided, since I expect to hear the views of citizens. I am listening.”

Same for the development of a cell block in Chicoutimi to host the defendants who are to appear at the courthouse, a record that has the support of the PQ. Mrs. Girard said not to be ready to vote on this issue and promised that it will be done later.

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