Weapon, cannabis and drunk driving earned him 32 months in prison

palais-justice-quebec(Quebec) Drinking and driving often leads to court or jail, but the drunk driver who transports more with him a loaded gun and a large quantity of cannabis actually causes its bad luck. Pascal Caron has learned the hard way Wednesday when he saw Judge Jean Asselin impose a custodial sentence of 32 months and 6 days.

The story dates back to February 2013 when Caron was traveling on Highway 20 near Joly in Lotbiniere. His vehicle was off the road after he had lost control. Called to the scene, police officers of the Sûreté du Québec quickly realized that the man off a strong odor of alcohol.

It was therefore brought to the police station to undergo a breathalyzer test, and during the search, the police were able to get their hands on a loaded 32 caliber revolver hidden in his bottom on the inside of his boot. They then searched his car and seized more than a kilo of cannabis ready for resale.

Caron had already pleaded guilty to the charges against him and the judge Jean Asselin imposed a sentence of three years in prison for charges related to drug and firearm and a consecutive six-month sentence for drink driving.

Once the period of preventive detention subtracted from the sentence for weapons and drugs, however Caron left with a sentence of 26 months and 6 days to purge which followed the penalty of six months. He was also banned from driving any vehicle for 44 months.

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