While buying a BMW Series 3 (2005-2011)

BMW Series 3
BMW Series 3
Family sports par excellence, this 3 Series certainly shows more robust than its predecessor. But it is not free of defects, especially diesel …

Launched in March 2005, the new installment in the 3 Series adopts more geometric than the previous lines. It thus takes the stylistic codes of the brand. Although part on the early career reliability standpoint, this 3 Series is still known in its 1.8d and 2.0d diesel declination, mechanical problems from 2007 until early 2011. This has not been the case for petrol engines, although rare opportunity. So if you plan offer a diesel version, it is with the greatest vigilance that you must make in order to avoid any inconvenience and risk of being a victim of a serious and costly breakdown.
To monitor

What to check before buying
Distribution: possible break on 18d / 20d (March 2007- March 2011) of the chain (tension), it snaps to the acceleration (from 1500 to 1800 €).
Front axle: snapping of rods (200 € / piece).
Flywheel: life sometimes limited, change to 80000 km (750 €).
Engine reliability

Blocks preferred
The carefree: diesel blocks the last two vintages 2011-2012 and gasoline overall.
Avoid: a 18d or 20d having had several owners without accurate traceability of interviews. Multiple breakages risks.
We advise you

The choice of Auto Plus
320d Luxury Edition end of 2011 (€ 21,000). The most diffused version offers real power and sobriety.
320i Sport 2010 (€ 16,900). Less expensive to purchase and to maintain a six-cylinder, it has 170 hp well enough.

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