Who are the “potential ministers” Liberals?

melanie-joly-stephane-dion-marc(Ottawa) The Liberals continue to be enthroned in the polls nationally, four days before the elections. Obviously, anything can still happen. More reason to imagine now what would the Council of Ministers of the Trudeau government … Here fifteen potential candidates, taking into account factors such as their experience, their reputation, their influence within the party, the representation each province and gender equality promised by the Liberals in
their firm.

In Quebec

Stephane Dion

It would be difficult to rule out the former party chief of the Cabinet, or at least not to entrust him important.

Marc Garneau

Former astronaut could become a minister in the Trudeau government if, of course, he wins the close fight he leads in his constituency.

Melanie Joly

Neophyte federal politics, it could nevertheless be encouraged by the promise of achieving gender equality in the Council of Ministers.

Pablo Rodriguez

This former deputy and co-president of the Liberal campaign is already an influential player in the Trudeau team.


Bill Blair

Former Toronto Police Chief 2005-2015 attempts to dislodge the NDP Dan Harris in Scarborough Southwest, a constituency of 416.

Chrysta Freeland

This former journalist and author was elected in a by-election in 2013 and since it is an integral part of the economic team of the Liberals.

Andrew Leslie

This former Chief of Staff of the Army could dislodge the Conservative Royal Galipeau in Orleans, east of Ottawa.

Bill Morneau

The candidate of Toronto passed Morneau Sheppell human resources of the family business of 200-3000 employees.

Atlantic provinces

Scott Brison

Former public works minister, the member for Nova Scotia is one of the candidates for the post of finance minister.

Wayne Easter

The member of the Prince Edward Island has taken up the ranks in the liberal opposition in recent years.

Judy Foote

MP from Newfoundland was the Liberal Party whip throughout the last term.

Dominic LeBlanc

Childhood friend of Justin Trudeau, the New Brunswick MP is also one of his arms straight.

Western Provinces

Ralph Goodale

The former Minister of Finance is the only Liberal elected in a conservative sea Saskatchewan.

Kent Hehr

This quadriplegic former member of Alberta is considered one of the best hopes of the Liberal Party in Western Province.

Kevin Lamoureux

The former member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba is the only Liberal elected in the province.

Joyce Murray

The businesswoman from Vancouver was defeated by Justin Trudeau in the race for the party leadership, but has played a leading role since.

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